Microsoft Teams Phone System – Upgrade Today

C2 Communications can take your Microsoft Teams integration to the next level.

Together with Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise licensing, and our Tier 1 SIP Trunks, we have created an optimised Microsoft Teams Phone System for your business.

Add your phone numbers and our SIP Trunks to any Microsoft Teams user and use Teams as your primary VoIP phone system.


Microsoft Teams Phone System


What is a Microsoft Teams SIP Trunk?

A C2 Communications SIP Trunk will connect your business phone lines to your Microsoft tenancy. This will allow your users to take and make external phone calls directly from Teams. Implementing our unlimited SIP calling plans provides competitive pricing for all your business phone calls.

C2 Communications’ cloud-based infrastructure directly configures your numbers with Microsoft Teams. No hardware required. This allows you to have a modern PBX configured, with no additional costs of holding onto legacy devices.


How It Works?

With a Teams Phone System, your standard Teams functionality such as chat, conferencing, and internal calls are integrated with your company phone numbers.

We will assist you in enabling your Enterprise Office 365 Licenses to the necessary phone system users. With Teams Enterprise Voice enabled directly to each user, users can receive incoming, and make outgoing calls entirely through their computer, web-client, or mobile app.

A Microsoft Teams Phone System can be utilised with PBX functionality. This includes; call queueing, auto attendants, and group voicemails to suit your business’ needs.


Microsoft Teams Phone System


What You Need?

Microsoft Teams Phone System is optimised for Office365. The use of Office365 will maximise features, include contact list integration, and click to call from Outlook. This is, in addition, to the Microsoft Enterprise license requirement for each user. Which are any of the following: E1, E3 or E5 (Phone System comes included with E5).

Want to keep your existing phone numbers? No problems, port your numbers to SIP to be hosted by C2 Communications. We will manage the project with you the whole way through. Want new numbers? These can be readily acquired and configured quickly for your needs!


Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 699 130 to find out more about how Microsoft Teams can be your Phone System.

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