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C2 Communications VoIP allows customers to retain their business phone numbers and typically save up to 50% when compared to a traditional phone carrier system. C2 Communications VoIP and 3CX Phone Systems are quickly becoming the default choice for any business moving office, expanding rapidly, or upgrading their current phone system.

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Why VoIP


C2 Communications VoIP provides a significant cost saving when compared to traditional phone systems and is rapidly becoming the default choice for IT managers and finance executives.

VoIP is incredibly flexible and allows for fast changes in business. VoIP allows you to take your business numbers anywhere at any time without struggling with the bureaucracy and exorbitant fees of traditional carriers.

With VoIP, your phone system functions with purpose and practicality. It allows businesses to trim the dead weight and cost of unused lines and numbers when required. IT Managers are able to make real-time changes on call flows and user activity in house.

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How it works


VoIP works by moving your existing numbers and lines to operate on the internet and terminate on the PSTN and Mobile network. Usually business numbers are with large carriers, like Telstra or Optus, and are ported to C2 Communications. These numbers are electronically registered to our carrier grade data centre to manage high volumes of inbound and outbound call traffic at excellent speed and quality.

Customers typically save 50% when moving from traditional telecom providers.

A C2 Communications VoIP based Phone System replaces the traditional physical PBX with an application hosted on a regular computer or server. IT support teams familiar with this set up can easily manage either hosted or on-premise solutions.

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How to get started


Quality VoIP is easy to use and install. To make the most of the experience there are prerequisites needed to ensure good service delivery.

Your business will need a quality synchronous broadband connection, minimum 10mb up and down, and a C2 Communications approved firewall to manage the quality of service for undisrupted VoIP.

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Our Customers

C2 Communications VoIP is flexible by design and caters to a wide variety businesses locally and internationally. However there is always a trend with our customers:

  • They’re small to medium size businesses, ranging from 10 – 250 users
  • They’re frustrated dealing with traditional PBX systems
  • They’re moving office and looking to upgrade their systems
  • They may not have their own IT team to manage internal systems
  • They’re conscious of saving costs
  • There’s a mix of cloud and on premise servers
  • And they all have synchronous internet services

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C2 Communications provides end-to-end support on your most important connections, Broadband and VoIP. Being a voice carrier and an ISP for businesses we are the first responders to any issues you have with either service 24/7. C2 Communications offer 3CX support for moves, adds and changes and we can remotely monitor your service and keep it up to date with the latest software versions and security requirements.

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