What to Look for in a Hosted 3CX Provider

When you decide to host your 3CX with C2 Communications, you decide to take your phone system off-premise and let us handle the responsibility. This gains you lots of benefits, i.e. you will substantially lower your telephony costs. Small businesses, who don’t have the necessary infrastructure and bandwidth, can get all the advantages of a hosted 3CX system as well.

C2 Communications takes off a lot of problems for businesses. Even though your company stays in touch with us to communicate occassionally, you don’t need to hire special personnel for this. SMB’s with only 5-10 connections are perfect candidates for a hosted 3CX system, which will save them valuable personnel costs and time, as C2 Communications will take care of the administration and maintenance of the 3CX system.

You can compare and research other VoIP & PBX providers, but we are sure that our full service best fits your needs. We are a very close 3CX Platinum Partner and therefore at the forefront of any new developments. For example, we also provide mobile solutions, so your desktop phone system can interact with mobile devices in order to forward calls or to use the VoIP through a mobile app. If your business allows employees to bring their own device or wants to give your employees the ability to use mobile VoIP services, this is perfect for you.

C2 Communications is in the PBX business since more than 10 years nationwide and as a leading provider of 3CX systems, you can trust our personalised customer service. Getting in touch with us is easy and simple, and we are proud of the many happy customers we have amassed in the past decade.

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