Hosted 3CX Vs On-Premise

Many businesses are unsure whether they opt for an on-premise 3CX or a hosted 3CX. It all depends on the size of the business and what they wish to gain from their 3CX. Below you can find a comparison of hosted 3CX and on-premise 3CX.

Just so you know, we are moving both existing and new customers from their on-premise 3CX to our hosted cloud regularly. Whether this is due to moving office or trying to reduce onsite hardware, we are happy to help provide a solution that best suits your needs.

Hosted 3CX

  • C2 Communications handles the 3CX and takes on all responsibility of running, maintaining and upgrading the 3CX
  • A hosted 3CX comes with less costs in terms of installation, operation and maintenance
  • A hosted 3CX has a guaranteed, stable network and a very good bandwidth, so especially if you are a SMB and you don’t have the necessary bandwidth, you don’t need to worry about any network issues
  • C2 Communications is your full service provider, so no need to hire a person in-house responsible for the phone system, which means less costs
  • C2 Communications runs the phone system, adds extensions and takes care of all maintenance, so no staff training is required for this
  • All upgrades of the software are done automatically by C2 Communications and are included in the maintenance cost

On-Premise 3CX

  • Your business has more control over your phone system
  • In case other software systems of your business should be connected to the 3CX system (i.e. CRM systems), the on-premise installation makes this possible
  • If your business is large enough and has the required network settings, infrastructure and bandwidth to host the phone system, a unified communications platform and VoIP, then on-premise is ideal
  • Your in-house staff can add extensions and handle other simple tasks without getting in touch with C2 Communications
  • All the phone system data and settings are in your hands