A Hosted 3CX for Your Business?

For those unsure whether to opt for an on-premise 3CX or a hosted 3CX, we clarified the advantages of a hosted 3CX below. A hosted 3CX is a virtual phone system hosted by C2 Communications for you.

It sounds scarier than it actually is. With a hosted 3CX system, we’ll quickly and easily set up a new virtual phone system for your business. The installation costs are low and you won’t have any down time. C2 Communications handled hundreds of installations in the past 10 years, so you can feel safe and sure that you’ll get the best customer service and ongoing support available. Your communication is in safe hands. As many businesses decide to host their 3CX on the Amazon cloud, we’re more than happy to do this for you as well.

Some advantages of a hosted 3CX

  • Low setup costs – As the 3CX system is completely virtual, no hardware costs are existent. The initial investment is minimal.
  • No more maintenance costs – Your 3CX is hosted by C2 Communications, so you don’t need special in-house personnel to manage and maintain it.
  • A scalable solution – A hosted 3CX is easy to scale up or down with minimal work and costs.
  • User-friendly – A virtual 3CX is very easy to use and manage. You can start using your new 3CX phone system right after the installation, as there is no training necessary.
  • Unbeatable mobility & global potential – With a hosted 3CX, your employees can work from anywhere as long as they have internet access. Additionally, multiple offices can be connected by the same system eliminating inter-office call charges.
  • Advanced unified communications – Enhance your communication in-house and collaborate with your new 3CX system. Enjoy comfortable video conferencing, presence, instant messaging and more with softphones and mobile apps.

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