Video Conferencing – 3CX Webmeeting

The prevalence of remote working in 2020 has led to massive spikes in usage of Video Conferencing (VC) solutions. Virtual collaboration has never been more important.

With so many options out there, it can be forgotten that all 3CX Professional licenses come with 3CX Webmeeting at no cost. 3CX has been continually improving its Video Conferencing features to provide an all-in-one solution for customers. Whilst there are many quality VC options out there, including Teams and Zoom, 3CX Webmeeting provides a number of unique benefits:


Invite External Users:

Anyone can be invited to join your scheduled conferences. They don’t need to be a 3CX user. They can simply use the Webmeeting link on a web browser and join. Therefore, no sign ups, downloads or apps required!


No Extra Cost:

If you already have a 3CX system, you don’t need to pay for additional conferencing software. 3CX Webmeeting has no restrictions on meeting length, and up to 250 participants!


Adjustable Quality Features:

Working from home has meant the stable office internet has been left behind for a home broadband solution. Users with poor internet connection can be accommodated by 3CX’s adjustable video quality options. This can result in 3CX recommending if you should turn your video off due to poor internet.


Microsoft Outlook Integration:

Scheduling a VC will subsequently create a calendar invitation synced with your Outlook. For Office365 integrated users, this could then change your extension status between ‘Available’ and ‘Do Not Disturb.


Unification of Communications:

Finally, utilising 3CX as your VC solution is convenient if you already utilise it for your external phone system. There is no need to have additional applications or solutions because 3CX is all-in-one.


Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on Video Conferencing solutions utilising 3CX Webmeeting, and how you might be able to optimise it for your existing set-up.

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