Upgrade to V18 – 3CX

The time has come to “Upgrade to V18”

3CX has finalised their long awaited V18 update for their world renowned PABX system. New applications, enhanced security and improved audio quality are key features of this impressive upgrade.

With V15 of 3CX already considered ‘end of life’, 3CX have announced that they will be phasing out V16 support by the end of 2022.

What does this mean for you as a C2 customer you may ask? Because of this, we are rolling out V18 to all remaining V16 customers this month!


What’s in the V18 upgrade?

Here are a few of the best features that come with the upgrade:

  • A+ in Security – V18 has been updated to Debian 10, as well as upgraded to the latest .NET core, OpenSSL and Postgres and the latest ciphers. Knocking out the competition on security, 3CX achieved an A+ score on Qualys SSL Labs and A on Unilabs.
  • Better Codec Management – The mobile applications and Web Client now use G711 to reduce transcoding. This results in less processor usage and purer audio. However, due to data usage, mobile apps use G711 when on Wi-Fi, and G729 over a mobile network.
  • Faster applications – Over 50% reduction in processor and memory usage.
  • Never miss a call – A collaboration with Android & iOS has increased the reliability of PUSH notifications for smart phones.
  • Siri integration – iOS users can now tell Siri to make calls using 3CX.
  • Brand new Web Client & Windows application – Improved speed, enhanced reliability, higher level of security and an increase in potential Integrations to aid you in your daily telephony needs!
  • Added support for Bluetooth and hands-free devices.


V16 to V18 – Changes to the Web Client

The most immediate change in V18 starts with the new Web Client. Below, is a video showcasing the key differences between the V16 client and the new V18 client. Many of these changes are purely cosmetic. As a result of this, end users will have to familiarise themselves with the differences.




Furthermore, users will no longer download the Windows application from their welcome emails. They will instead be receiving a welcome email that looks like this:


3CX Welcome Email


Downloading the V18 Windows Application

To download & provision the V18 windows application, users must log-in to their Web Client. It is a very straightforward process that we have outlined in a step-by-step tutorial in the video below. Consequently, end users will need local administrative rights to install the application.


Overview of the V18 Windows Application


To that end, we will be here to help facilitate this upgrade and support all customers every step of the way!

If you want more information about this V18 upgrade or anything else 3CX related, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 699 130.

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