3CX Facebook and SMS integration

At the start of November, 3CX released Update 7 Alpha which supports Facebook and SMS integration, while adding improvements to Live Chat. This has resulted in one central location for Facebook, SMS and Live Chat messages.


3CX has done their research and over 5 billion people use messaging services each month! Further to that, 56% of consumers prefer to message their favourite brands instead of calling. Connecting with customers simply and effectively has never been easier with 3CX.


The live chat feature included in 3CX enables your agents to respond to Facebook and SMS messages immediately from their web client or smartphone app. Keep all your communications on one platform, saving time and monthly subscriptions with the new Facebook and SMS integration.


So, let’s break down the benefits available.



Connecting visitors to your team in real-time improving customer satisfaction. No more need for personal social media accounts to be logged in.

One system

  • Chat not helping the customer? Elevate to a call or video.
  • Avoid additional live chat fees.

Convert customers

  • Increase conversions. Track messages and responses.
  • Assign messages to your team manually or automatically.
  • Queue-based group handling of messages.

Increase satisfaction

  • Reports give you insights into reply times & messaging performance.
  • Ensure proper response priority.



3CX allows you to send text messages, without giving out your personal account. Access from your mobile device and respond to clients while you’re on the go.

  • Send and receive SMS/text from 3CX.
  • Text using your business number.
  • Route incoming text messages directly to queues not individuals.
  • Match contacts to an integrated CRM for universal contact tracking.
  • Agents can see past chat conversations through ‘conversation history’
  • Communicate internally through business text, not personal apps.


Live Chat

The live chat box is now sporting a refreshed UI. Plus improvements in security and functionality.

  • The ‘Monitor’ functionality for Queue Managers to be able to access active agents’ conversations. This will allow them to take ownership, whisper, end a session or block it.
  • Identify the performance of queues to help you adjust agent capacity.
  • Check statistics of specific agents in any queue.
  • Lists unanswered messages on the various channels.


Is Facebook and SMS integration something your business would be interested in? Get in touch with our team today on [email protected] for more information, and prepare for full release!

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