On-Premise Solutions

C2 Communications provide great flexibility and support for traditional on-premise 3CX solutions.

For companies with the technical resource and ability to host their phone system infrastructure on site, C2 Communications can accommodate accordingly.

A typical business with onsite infrastructure and support, whether it be with an internal or external IT provider, can reliably host an on-site 3CX solution.

C2 Communications are experienced and trusted on-premise installers of 3CX Phone Systems. Hundreds of our clients maintain an on-premise PBX solution, with the flexibility of operating C2 infrastructure within their external IT provider’s network.

The Perks of On-Premise

Here is just a handful of the great advantages you get when deciding for an on-premise solution.

Full Control

The end-user has more control over their phone system.

Simple Integration

Provided with the ability to integrate the on-premise PBX with other software systems the company is running. For example, CRM systems.

Unreachable Destination

If your site goes dark, SIP trunk registration failure is detected and calls are diverted to a pre-nominated number.

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