SIP Trunking

C2 Communications’ SIP Trunks
Are Tier 1

C2 Communications’ SIP Trunks are provisioned on Tier 1 carriage to provide fast provisioning of new services, excellent quality of service, and direct routing to the Australian telecommunications network.

Our efficient VoIP services ensure your telephony bill from a traditional fixed line carrier will reduce by up to 50% on call costs and line rental.

3CX Supported VoIP Provider

C2 Communications’ SIP Trunks were the first 3CX supported SIP services in Australia over 10 years ago. The strength of our VoIP services has been maintained ever since, with a strong record in excellent service delivery and commitment to both platforms. Our efforts have continued to be recognised in recent years, with our unbroken run of consecutive years as a 3CX Titanium Partner making us one of Australia’s most preferred VoIP providers.

How it Works

C2 Communications SIP Trunks are provisioned on request on our Tier 1 carriage softswitch. Our SIP Trunks register onto our network using 3-way authentication from your 3CX Phone System. As a preferred VoIP Partner, C2 Comms authentication templates can be found in the VoIP registration field of the PBX.

When you find the VoIP provider that feels right, it makes all the difference.

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