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We know that we use a lot of abbreviations and terms that might be confusing when you hear them the first time. With our FAQ, we’ll explain in detail, how our technology and systems work and what their names mean.

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C2 Communications relies on the most advanced VoIP software provider worldwide, 3CX. The 3CX PBX software can be used on both Windows and Linux computers as well as on cloud systems. An integration with CRM software is possible as well. In our FAQ, we explain in detail how the PBX technology works and answer all open questions.

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As the internet connections and communication solutions are getting better yearly and the telephony industry implemented more and better Internet Protocol (IP) communications in the past years, traditional telephony is becoming continuously more obsolete. VoIP is taking over, as almost no one needs separated networks for voice and data anymore. Many businesses switch to IP telephony via VoIP PBX systems in order to enjoy more features and less cost.

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Broadband internet is getting increasingly necessary for businesses to run to a high standard. Only with a stable and good business internet connection via broadband, VoIP can work properly, so you can enjoy all of its useful features. We have different options for broadband connections available in case you have none yet, so we can get you on VoIP and you can start to spend less money on telephony and get more value in return.

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Here you'll find some answers to the most common questions we get from clients or interested customers. Just have a look through and we're sure that some of the questions you had in mind were just answered. If you have more specific questions about the switch of your business from traditional telephony to VoIP telephony, just get in touch with us.