What support can businesses expect with Teams phone calling implementation?

Businesses can expect comprehensive support during Teams phone calling implementation, including planning, configuration, and troubleshooting. C2 Communications offers personalised support and expertise to ensure a successful deployment and ongoing management of the Teams phone calling solution.

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How does direct routing with an SBC enhance Teams phone calling?

Direct routing with an SBC enhances Teams phone calling by providing secure and reliable connectivity between the enterprise's infrastructure and the telephony world. It allows for greater control over call routing, enhanced security, and the ability to leverage existing telephony investments.

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What security measures are in place for Teams phone calling?

Teams phone calling employs a range of security measures, including end-to-end encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with international standards. C2 Communications enhances security further with third-party SBC solutions for additional monitoring and protection.

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Can Teams phone calling be customised for different business sizes?

Yes, Teams phone calling is highly customisable and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. From small start-ups to large enterprises, the platform can be tailored to meet the specific communication needs of any organisation.

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What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams Phone for businesses?

Microsoft Teams Phone offers numerous benefits, including streamlined communication, enhanced collaboration, cost savings, scalability, and robust security features. It consolidates various communication tools into one platform, simplifying the user experience and IT management.

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How does Teams phone calling integrate with existing infrastructure?

Teams phone calling is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, leveraging SBCs to connect with SIP Trunks and other telephony systems. C2 Communications assists in the integration process, ensuring compatibility and a smooth transition to the Teams platform.

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