The Knight is one of Melbourne’s premier Owners Corporation Management company.

They manage over 250 Owners Corporation; this portfolio consists of some of Melbourne’s most prestigious landmarks for residential, retail, commercial and industrial properties within the strata and community titles.

The Problem

The Knight’s biggest problem was 3CX mismanagement and neglect, the result of a hurried install and poor guidance. The effects of this were infesting call quality and general user experience within the organisation that resulted in more users reaching for their mobile phones than the 3CX app or Yealink Handset. Their second issue was running Optus ISDN services through outdated Patton gateways into the 3CX Phone System.

Our Solution

We approached these issues by thoroughly auditing the current system and identifying the pain points. The first was an expired 3CX license and an out of date version, the second was Optus ISDN services running through Patton Gateways. We redesigned the 3CX call flow and configuration, updated 3CX to the latest version, moved it onto a new virtual server, ported the Optus service to C2 SIP, and trained all key staff on the best practices of 3CX and C2 SIP.

C2 Voice

Tier 1 VoIP telephony services including, number and line rental, and inbound services.

Full Control

The end-user has more control over their phone system.

Local Support

You won’t be left in the dark. Your 3CX will be monitored by C2comm monitoring services.

Reduce Caller Cost

1300 and 1800 services reduce the rates for your calling customers.

Web Access

Access to your own 3CX Management Console

Unreachable Destination

If your site goes dark, SIP trunk registration failure is detected and calls are diverted to a pre-nominated number.

The Outcome

The Knight now use all features of the 3CX Phone System, design and manage their own call flows, confidently introduce the technology to new staff and have a unified office. Since porting from Optus ISDN to C2 SIP they have reduced their monthly call bill by 50% and no longer experience voice quality issues.