Stuba is a B2B accommodation specialist offering access to over 100,000 properties designed exclusively for travel companies worldwide with global offices in Australia, UAE, UK and USA.

The Problem

Stuba has offices in multiple countries and provides its services to properties globally. With international call costs and call routing difficulties limiting their support hours to each time zone, they needed a unified communication system that will allow them to provide support 24/7.

Our Solution

With C2 Communications already delivering 3CX successfully for the Australian office, their counterparts in the UK and India implemented a 3CX solution in their respective countries. Alongside another 3CX Titanium partner in the Technology Group from the United Kingdom, we were able to create a bridge between the three systems.

3CX Phone System Hosting

Flexible and scalable PBX solutions from 3CX phone systems hosted in C2comm’s virtual private cloud.

Automatic Backups

All 3CX instances are securely backed up to our cloud storage and replicated in our DC.

C2 Voice

Tier 1 VoIP telephony services including, number and line rental, and inbound services.

Local Support

Business focussed support provided by our experienced local and technical teams.

Simple Integration

Provided with the ability to integrate the on-premise PBX with other software systems the company is running. For example, CRM systems.

Multiple Answer Points

Configure multiple answer points.

The Outcome

The unification of the three separate 3CX systems provided presence information to users in each country, allowing the offices to communicate efficiently and without the barrier of high international calls costs. They were also able to achieve their 24hr support goal with the simplicity of call routing within a single 3CX platform.