Lonely Planet is a large travel guide book publisher, based in Melbourne. It has a staff of base of 400 employees and 200 authors.

As of 2011, the company had sold 120 million books since inception and by early 2014, it had sold around 11 million units of its travel apps.

The Problem

Lonely Planet installed their 3CX Phone System in 2015 in their Melbourne Head Office with C2 Communications to support its employees across the APAC region. In the years following Lonely Planet maintained a working 12.5 version of 3CX and subsequently fell behind in feature updates in the software.

Our Solution

A solution for Lonely Planet was swiftly conceived with a stepped upgrade from Version 12.5 to Version 16. The upgrade to their 3CX Phone System meant they can utilise the added features of Version 16 to increase their internal efficiency and greater flexibility for staff working remotely around the world. A Version 16 upgrade also means added security to protect users from the pitfalls of un-secure VoIP telephony.

Full Control

The end-user has more control over their phone system.

C2 Voice

Tier 1 VoIP telephony services including, number and line rental, and inbound services.

Automatic Updates

We keep all 3CX Phone System updated to the latest version and service pack.

Automatic Backups

All 3CX instances are securely backed up to our cloud storage and replicated in our DC.

Local Support

You won’t be left in the dark. Your 3CX will be monitored by C2comm monitoring services.


Stored in our virtual private cloud, all 3CX instances are protected from intruders.