Lifestyle Communities Ltd is an award-winning publicly listed development company based in South Melbourne.

They have developed and manage over 16 communities across Victoria and hire over 70 staff.

The Problem

Lifestyle Communities introduced an in-house call centre to handle their calls with a more human touch, however, they wanted to have a greater understanding of who their callers and what information they were looking for on these calls.

Our Solution

With Lifestyle Communications call centre staff, we sat down and mapped out a call logic to assist with capturing and keeping callers. We also upskilled these staff by training them in the more complex features of the system to make the most of their on-premise 3CX. To help understand the source of their calls we developed an application using the 3CX API to annotate calls, track the calling numbers and names, and then generate reports from a web based consoled.

Full Control

The end-user has more control over their phone system.

C2 Voice

Tier 1 VoIP telephony services including, number and line rental, and inbound services.

Local Support

You won’t be left in the dark. Your 3CX will be monitored by C2comm monitoring services.

One Bill

Single point of billing for all C2 Voice, 3CX Support, Fibre 1000 services.

Reduce Caller Cost

1300 and 1800 services reduce the rates for your calling customers.


Stored in our virtual private cloud, all 3CX instances are protected from intruders.

The Outcome

Lifestyle Communities now champion the 3CX Phone System and have the confidence and knowledge to manage their own internal telecommunications. The web-based application now tracks data from all callers and provides a greater overview of the demographic they service.