About Us

We aim to be your all-in-one communications partner.  To empower your business to achieve more.


We have been building customer relationships for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on communicating authentically, honestly and respectfully.


We place great importance on people and products that are able to deliver consistently good results time after time. We are dependable to deliver on our commitments and promises.


Quality in unified communications is a non-negotiable. We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


We are stronger together, succeeding as a team requires inclusiveness and trust in each other’s abilities and talents. All of this helps meet the needs of our customers and to help C2 Communications succeed.


Our customers and relationships are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations in every experience.


We are taking a complex communications system and empowering you to utilize it to its full power. We strive for simplicity in all our solutions. They are efficient, easy to understand and flexible to modify.

Who are we?

C2 Communications is an Australian VoIP provider specialising in connecting businesses with VoIP telephony and business phone systems.

What makes us different?

We are Australia’s longest standing 3CX Titanium partner, and the longest supported Australian 3CX SIP provider. Having spent 10 years in mobility and traditional PBX, we’ve spent a further 10 years growing SIP and business phone systems. Pairing that with our IT business for the past 10 years as well, our support, knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

Why are we doing this?

Traditional on-site telephony is being phased out and we offer solutions that we know suit businesses in the new VoIP and cloud environment.

Our History

See where it all began for our Founder Craig Macdonald

2021 - Present

Partnered with Microsoft to sell Teams Calling solution to businesses

2019 - Present

C2 Communications becomes the First Australian 3CX Titanium Partner

2014 - Present

Launches C2 Communications

  • The evolution of VoIP and building on the back of IT for Business.
  • We are now providing unified communication and broadband solutions in the new VoIP and cloud environment.
2008 - Present

First partnered with 3CX and starting selling 3CX solutions

2007 - Present

Launches IT For Business

  • Built this IT business on the back of the BlackBerry explosion and the increase in IT, network and server inquiries.
  • The two businesses complement each other to this day.
2003 - 2014

Launches Telco For Business

  • “Offering our clients a ‘One Stop Shop’ when it comes to their IT & Communications needs.”
  • Selling Mobiles, fixed lines and PBX
  • First 3CX system sold in 2008
1990 - 2003

Begins Telco Journey

  • Various sales and channel management roles at Optus, Telstra and Crazy Johns

We know what your business telephony needs are. Grow your business faster with C2.

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