Case Study


Skybus is the largest airport bus service operating in Melbourne, Hobart, Gold Coast, and Auckland. In Melbourne, Skybus carries over 2 million passengers per year and 8.3% of all Melbourne Airport passengers.

The Problem

With so many sites and a continually expanding network, Skybus’s telecommunication systems required constant tweaks and tunes to stay relevant and operational. The cost of growing can be substantial and proprietary communications systems often hamper this growth. Skybus also require a central presence across Australia and New Zealand with systems in place to never lose a call.

3CX Phone System

Our Solution

C2 Communications solution involved an on-premise 3CX Phone System, C2 SIP services, a combination of Yealink Handsets and 3CX Softphones, all running over 100:100 Fibre internet. Installing 3CX on-premise ensured the head office call centre experienced the fastest connection back to the server for excellent voice quality. Utilising the Skybus 100:100 Fibre, that same experience could be shared across their sites in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand. A central 3CX also meant no call was lost across any site as we configured the call flow logic with redundancy loops and enabled reporting to monitor call handling.

The Outcome

Skybus now run over 100 extensions with a central 3CX server providing a presence for all users in the organisation. They also process daily reports to monitor and improve their call handling to ensure their customers are receiving the best service. To assist with the cost of growth the 3CX licensing model allows for an unlimited amount of extensions to be provisioned on the system without any additional fees. And, Skybus now benefit from high-quality C2 SIP services delivering clear and cost-effective voice.

C2 Voice

Tier 1 VoIP telephony services including, number and line rental, and inbound services.

Local Support

Business focussed support provided by our experienced local and technical teams.

One Bill

Single point of billing for all C2 Voice, 3CX Support, Fibre 1000 services.

What Our Clients Say

  • The technical and professional staff at C2 Communications have been extremely helpful in getting our entire IT&T networks to work smoothly and effectively across several Melbourne offices. With the high volume of telephone calls made, we have certainly benefited economically with the decision to install 3CX. The IT team has been highly responsive and we would not hesitate in recommending both their IT services and VoIP solutions.


  • We’ve had the 3CX VOIP system installed for a number of years, and we’ve been impressed by its versatility to expand and adapt with our growing business. The team at C2 Communications are easy to work with and very flexible in their approach.


  • Fantastic support and staff, they truly understand what it means to be a business partner.