C2 Communications connects hundreds of businesses across Australia to uncontended business grade internet services, helping lay the foundations of crystal clear VoIP quality well into the future.

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We’ve found through years of experience installing and connecting 3CX Phone Systems and C2 Communications VoIP that a commercial grade un-contended broadband connection is the foundation for excellent VoIP line quality and user experience.

We know your phone system is a key business tool and good call quality is essential. When we set up a new system we configure each router to ring fence the bandwidth required to ensure voice quality is not impacted by other internet traffic.

As a rule, we don’t recommend installing 3CX on consumer grade contended ADSL2 services. Upload speeds on these ADSL2 plans can be variable throughout the day, leading to call quality issues.

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C2 Communications provides end-to-end support on your most important connections, broadband and VoIP. Being a voice carrier and ISP for businesses we are the first responders to any issues you have with either service, 24/7.
We also offer remote monitoring for real-time updates on your business’s service status.

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