C2 Communications provide a range of business grade broadband offerings for clients nationwide.

C2 Communications aim to provide broadband services for clients at all product and entry levels. C2 Communications will:

  • Run a service qualification for your location to determine available options
  • Make a qualified recommendation based on your business needs
  • Deliver the best service available based on customer budget

We use a range of providers and services across the market to ensure we can best meet your needs.


The rapidly expanding on-net Fibre Optic network has resulted in a premium Fibre offering for any VoIP/IT solution.

High quality broadband alongside business grade VoIP will allow a business to excel in all facets. On top of this, Fibre1000 is priced aggressively against other off-net Fibre solutions at lower speeds, maximising your cost savings and your performance

For areas where on-net Fibre1000 is unavailable, C2 Communications are also able to provide quality off-net layer one Fibre solutions, providing your business many of the same benefits.

Wireless Broadband

With offerings of up to 1GBPS, the Spirit wireless network holds an advantage in the fixed wireless network from the sky. C2 Communications can offer competitive pricing on Spirit services at all levels, including:

  • 50:50
  • 100:100
  • 250:250
  • 500:500
  • 1000:1000

Advantages of migrating to a point to point wireless solution include quick install turnaround, as well as the high symmetrical speeds and unlimited data offered by Fibre solutions.


For customers migrating from old decommissioning copper and ADSL services, the move to VoIP can also be facilitated with a move to nbn. Dependent on location, a move to business nbn can take shape in many forms:

  • Traffic Class 4 – available across all nbn technologies, delivering primarily standard data services, and as an alternative to ageing copper and broadband solutions
  • Traffic Class 1 and 2 – when available, traffic class 1 and 2 options should always be considered for high quality VoIP solutions. Nbn TC1 is primarily used to support voice services by committing traffic and bandwidth allocation at a wholesale level. These services also span a wide coverage area, including many regional locations. Learn more about traffic classes here.

Our Customers

Benefit from a strong relationship with a service provider who delivers.

What Our Clients Say

  • The technical and professional staff at C2 Communications have been extremely helpful in getting our entire IT&T networks to work smoothly and effectively across several Melbourne offices. With the high volume of telephone calls made, we have certainly benefited economically with the decision to install 3CX. The IT team has been highly responsive and we would not hesitate in recommending both their IT services and VoIP solutions.


  • Fantastic support and staff, they truly understand what it means to be a business partner.


  • Fantastic customer service. Friendly and efficient staff. Excellent knowledge of 3CX Phone Systems and VOIP telephony.