VoIP Headsets – What should you buy?

Even as phone systems upgrade, the headset debate continues to be a strong point of contention for users.

We’re always faced with a number of questions over VoIP headsets:

  • What brand of headset is the best?
  • What’s the best low-cost headset option?
  • And of course, what headset is the best?


USB VoIP Headsets  

In terms of low-cost options, you can’t go past these:


Jabra Evolve 20 Mono USB Headset

If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable headset option – the Jabra Evolve Mono is a perfect entry point which is a cost-effective solution for rolling out across the office.

Jabra are leading the way in sound quality and this plug & play headset is no exception. Simply connect the headset into your PC via USB, and change your audio preferences on your application to be ready to go.


Poly Blackwire 3310

Poly, or formally Plantronics, still remains a strong headset option since their rebranding. Similarly to the Blackwire 3310 series headset (or 3330 for Stereo version) is also a cheap and reliable option. This plug and play headset utilises the ‘Plantronics Hub’ which in our opinion is the best application on the market for adjusting all settings to improve your headset experience.


Sennheiser Adapt 130 USB Series

Another enticing headset at a lower price point is the Sennheiser Adapt 130 USB Series. Boasting the EPOS voice technology and plug and play connectivity, this headset can adapt seamlessly to your workstation, around the office or your daily commute.


VoIP Headsets


Our verdict: Poly Blackwire 3310. You can’t go past this level of versatility for the affordability.


Wireless VoIP Headsets

A higher price point but with far greater versatility, these are our choices:


Jabra Engage 65/75 Mono

Jabra’s wireless headset range provide quality and flexibility. With up to 150 metres range utilising the DECT technology, all day battery life, up to 13 hours of talk-time and a fast charge feature means this headset will never let you down.

The Jabra wireless headsets have multi-device connectivity to cater for all working environments. With the added option of Bluetooth for the 75 models, these headsets configure easily with desktop clients, and even deskphones. Finally, because of their industry leading noise cancelling microphone and sound quality, you will never strain to hear another person again.


Poly Savi 8210

The Savi 8210 from Poly also provides a great wireless headset alternative. With multiple devices able to be connected and swapped between at the touch of a button. The headset holds up to 13 hours of talk time, and a staggering 50 hours of standby time in battery life. The Savi is a high quality and easy to use option.

Our customers here at C2 Communications purchase this VoIP headset the most!


Sennheiser Impact SDW 5035

Senneheiser’s Impact SDW 5035 range employs their patented EPOS sound with voice enhancement technologies it allows you to hear and be heard perfectly. Flexibility to pair easily to all devices, up to 10 hours of talk time and an extensive range of up to 180 metres. Plus, the soft leatherette ear pads provide consistent comfort for all-day wearing.


VoIP Headsets


Our verdict: Jabra Engage 65/75. Amazing quality and flexibility, our definitive pick for a headset.


Overall, these are all fantastic VoIP headset options for any integrated voice solution. As a result, we recommend all of them here at C2 Communications!

Send us an email at service@c2communications.com.au if you want a quote for one of these headsets, or more information on how they integrate with your VoIP solution.