13/1300/1800 Number Hosting

Why Inbound?

Business presentation is everything. 13, 1300 and 1800 services demonstrate professionalism and benefit your customers calling. Inbound services have an array of benefits to your business. Inbound services can assist in cutting the cost of your customers calls to you, a small incentive with a big return for your client base. Enhanced flexibility of call routing can also be achieved based on your customers’ location, source number, or even call type.

What Can Inbound Services Do?

13, 1300 and 1800 number hosting comes with comprehensive routing solutions that include:


Determine a call route based on the location of the caller.

Multiple Answer Points

Configure multiple answer points.

Time of Day

Change routing based on time of day.

Day of the Year

Configure you holiday routing for the whole year.

Reduce Caller Cost

1300 and 1800 services reduce the rates for your calling customers.

Unreachable Destination

If your site goes dark, SIP trunk registration failure is detected and calls are diverted to a pre-nominated number.

Inbound 1300 Pricing Guide

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1300 Number $25 per month

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Local $0.08 per min (first 10 mins free)

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National $0.10 per min

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Mobile $0.11 per min

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How This Works

C2 Communications can assist your inbound routing demands in a number of variable situations, including:

Inbound Number Acquisition

Want a new inbound number? Contact us to organise a new 13, 1300 or 1800 number from a list of our available numbers. C2 Communications will order and provision the number to your desired landing destination.

Something More Specific?

Do you have a specific number in mind? Utilise the government platform The Numbering System to search and purchase a new available inbound number. Once acquired, get in contact with us and we can provision your new number to your service.

Need a Change?

C2 Communications can assist you with migrating your existing inbound services to a C2 voice platform.

Our Customers

Benefit from a strong relationship with a service provider that delivers.



What Our Clients Say

  • Fantastic support and staff, they truly understand what it means to be a business partner.


  • Fantastic customer service. Friendly and efficient staff. Excellent knowledge of 3CX Phone Systems and VOIP telephony.


  • We’ve had these guys looking after our phone and I.T. needs at work since 2010 and they’ve always been fantastic. Service is always spot on and they’ve never let us down. I won’t even speak to any other company trying to poach our business.


  • The technical and professional staff at C2 Communications have been extremely helpful in getting our entire IT&T networks to work smoothly and effectively across several Melbourne offices. With the high volume of telephone calls made, we have certainly benefited economically with the decision to install 3CX. The IT team has been highly responsive and we would not hesitate in recommending both their IT services and VoIP solutions.