How to improve your 3CX SMS Integration with Telnyx

As highlighted by our most recent blog post on the 3CX Update 7 Alpha, there are some exciting new developments to 3CX SMS Integration.

Today we walk you through how to integrate business SMS with the 3CX Webclient. We do this by utilising the certified SMS API partner Telnyx.



Heading to the ‘Messaging’ menu on the management console will present you with the option to add Facebook, SMS or Live Chat to your system. You will see in our example below; we have a Test Sim already linked in.


3CX SMS Integration


Click the ‘Add SMS’ button, and select Telnyx as your partner. This will direct you to configure your SMS. Head to Telnyx to set up your account and purchase your number, or contact us at C2 Communications, and we can take the hassle away and set you up with a Telnyx number. Once these settings have been filled out on the Telnyx page, we can head to the ‘Route’ tab to begin our 3CX configuration.



Once in ‘Route’ tab, simply add your phone number assigned for messaging, and direct where you need this to go. It can go directly to one extension, or a queue of extensions. Once this is set up, you are all set to receive inbound messages. For sending outbound messages, head to the ‘Extensions’ tab, and add the extension you want to be able to SMS. In the ‘General’ tab, enable the SMS functionality.


3CX SMS Integration


And you’re all set! Now let’s test it out.


Log into the Webclient for optimal SMS functionality. Once logged in, head to ‘Chat’, and ‘Compose SMS’ from the list of options. You will be able to select contacts from your contact list, or enter a new number.


3CX SMS Integration


Once sent, the message will show a blue tick when received by the destination number. You can also double-check this with your management console to see how many successful SMS messages you have sent. Once the user replies to you, it will update the chat as normal!


3CX SMS Integration


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at to set you up on our Telnyx partner portal for SMS, and integrate SMS with your phone system.