Download the 3CX Windows App – How To Series

Welcome to the first of our “How To” series where we will show you how to best utilise 3CX to its potential.


Whilst the 3CX interface continues to be optimised for Chrome browsers across Windows and Mac, we still recommend installing the 3CX Windows app where possible! The Windows app for 3CX remains a reliable softphone interface. There are also some benefits over its browser companion, including automatic sign in when you log in to your machine.


The current 3CX welcome configuration email for users doesn’t specify where to download the Windows app. Resulting in many customers asking “how do I download the 3CX windows app?”.

However, using this download link, the softphone can be downloaded and installed by the following steps:


1. Click the link above, and download the Windows App Installer file. Once downloaded, click to open the setup.



2. Follow the installer steps to finish downloading the application



3. Head back to your 3CX welcome email and double click the configuration file to open your account onto the application!



4. Enjoy your 3CX Windows Softphone!



Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and recommend the next post in our “How To” series.