Session Border Controller – Connect Your Handsets Using 3CX


The 3CX Session Border Controller is a simple way to connect your local network and handsets to your 3CX in the cloud. When configuring handsets to connect to your remote phone system, there is still configuration needed to be done on the internal firewall or gateway to ensure these devices don’t interfere with each other. This can be difficult or tedious to implement in some situations. The 3CX SBC provides an alternative method to this, by delivering voice traffic to the PBX server in a way that overcomes possible remote registration issues for your handsets.

How can a 3CX SBC benefit you:

  • Bypasses firewall and network issues for the remote site
  • Reduces the need for complex firewall routing onsite
  • Easy to roll out as a local registration point for many handsets


The 3CX Session Border Controller can be used to link in remote sites with a number of handsets, connect 3CX app users over a tunnel, or even connect any handset for a cloud based 3CX instance.

The 3CX SBC will need to be installed where handsets can locally connect. As a result, you will need a device to install the software, one that can remain online and active alongside your handsets. This can be existing infrastructure, or a dedicated SBC machine.

Send us an enquiry at if you feel a 3CX SBC may impact your business positively and want to know more about setting this up. Also, you can look into the necessary specifications your SBC needs to be at under ‘3CX SBC’.

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