Remote Working with 3CX During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The existence of an office workforce has become increasingly strained as the global pandemic continues. As a result, businesses are now needing to prioritize implementing and maintaining strong remote working solutions. An integral part of this strategy is their ability to service customers over the phone – whether it be figuring out how to replicate their deskphone call centres, or simply to have agents accessible on the go.


Thankfully, 3CX and VoIP are extremely flexible solutions, and facilitate a wide range of possible outcomes for businesses. Here at C2 Communications, we are able to provide guidance on what we believe to be the best implementation for you, and set a robust 3CX/VoIP strategy in place. A number of these strategies could include:

  • Utilizing 3CX version 16 and their iOS/Android clients to have users on their mobile applications. The mobile rings as any deskphone/softphone would, and allows users to pick up calls remotely on their mobile.
  • Diverting individual users’ calls directly to their mobile numbers.
  • Setting up 3CX clients on personal laptops/remote work laptops for use with USB headsets or computer speakers.
  • Setting up specific voicemail and reception prompts to assist customers during this period.


Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to configure a remote working solution that optimizes your operations. Most importantly however, make sure to stay healthy and safe during this period!