Conferencing Options – Working From Home with 3CX


Our latest blog post shed light on some of the current working from home solutions at the disposal for 3CX customers. Today we are focusing in on the 3CX conferencing options available for remote workers over the following weeks. As more and more people migrate to their home offices, some may not be aware of the solutions already available to them.


3CX WebMeeting licenses are included for all professional licenses, and allow users to utilise web-based client conferencing options inside their phone system. The feature is built-in to your 3CX phone system, so there is no extra cost.


Major Benefits:

  • Easy to use: simply click ‘Start a 3CX WebMeeting Now’ on your dashboard or softphone client, which will automatically open up your browser. You can also schedule a conference on the same panel.
  • Invite internal and external users using their email addresses, which will send out invites to their mailboxes.
  • Easily adjustable video quality levels to accommodate your internet connection speed.
  • No use of external phone lines when using WebMeeting.


For simple audio conferencing, 3CX also facilitates this through the designated conference place on the system. Schedule a conference from your softphone/webclient, and invite the attendees. This will send out the external dial in number and conference code for external parties, whilst internal users simply dial the extension. Note that setting a conference this way will use external lines.


Major Benefits:

  • Quick set up and easy to use.
  • Dial in from anywhere and from any device – on the road or at home.
  • No need for an internet connection to facilitate the audio conference.


Once again, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at C2 Communications to discuss and optimise your existing remote working solutions!

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